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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Main Electoral Issue

The main issue in the forthcoming Maltese general elections on 8th March is a social one, namely the standard of living. This concerns various matters which need to be confronted through a politics of equality.

The main issue in this election is that, irrespective of economic growth figures, many people are experiencing high cost of living, inferior work conditions and a decline in their standard of living. On the other hand, some groups from the upper social classes seem omnipotent. This is a contradiction that is resulting in hardships and sacrifice amongst thousands of workers and families.

Therefore, our country needs a socio-economic direction that looks towards a social model, and not a neo-liberal one. In this regard, Malta requires policies which create work, which give more strength to the working class and which defend the welfare state. The welfare state should be based on the principles of equality, social justice, efficiency and sustainability.

Malta also requires policies which stop the dismantling of public services, which ensure that workers’ incomes increase, and which put most tax burden on those who can pay most. Therefore, opposition should be made to policies of privatisation and liberalisation and to policies which propose less taxes for the wealthy and more burdens on workers.

Malta also requires progressive social policies of social inclusion which face today’s realities of different types of families and which combat the high prices of housing. In this regard, policies which favour more liberalisation in the housing sector should be opposed, as they will result in problems and serious difficulties for thousands of families.A new government should also adopt sustainable environmental policies which protect the common good and which do not result in more burdens on workers.

Zminijietna – Voice of the Left will shortly be submitting a memorandum on the general election to political parties and the press. During the electoral campaign, Zminijietna shall keep the public informed through a critical, constructive and informative lens on what is the best interest for a politics of equality and social justice.

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