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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Metal bands Norm Rejection and X-Vandals will be playing live at Remedy, Paceville on Friday 16th November. Doors open at 10pm and tickets cost Lm2.

Both bands are veterans of the Malta metal scene, X-Vandals being formed in 1984 (as Vandals), and Norm Rejection being formed in 1994. Both bands are notorious for their socio-political lyrics.

For Norm Rejection, who returned back on stage earlier in 2007 after a 6-year hiatus, this shall be their first ever gig at the Remedy Rock Bar. Norm Rejection will be playing tracks from their 'Deconform' (1998) and '0002' (2000) albums including Malta Not For Sale, 6479, Caged and Faceless, whilst also playing brand new numbers Encounter and Kemm Hawn Dwejjaq fil-Pajjiz. Norm Rejection is made up of Wil (Vocals), Sean Vukovic (Guitar), Joker (Bass) and Michael Briguglio (Drums).

X-Vandals - in their distinctive old-school trash metal style - released the Erosion of Our Liberty album following their reunion in 2005, are working on their second album, and have recently recorded the single 'Warrior'. Band members are Rusty (Vocals), Bahri (Guitar), Nemlu (Bass) and Hamiemu (Drums).

Get ready for a metal explosion!!

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