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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Peklectrick is the name of Patrick Galea’s music project. Erstwhile Blogger and MySpacer Patrick is the former guitarist of my band Dripht, which he co-founded. He co-wrote and played in Dripht's 2004 debut EP.

In Pekelectrick, Patrick writes the music and lyrics and also sings and plays guitar, bass, keyboards and programmes stuff. A few months ago he asked me to be the drummer of this project, which I gladly accepted. I am honoured to play with a long-time friend and musical colleague.

Peklectrick is currently recording 6 songs at Temple Studios in Mistra, under the trustworthy hands of David Vella. The songs fuse styles such as reggae and dub with rock and funk. The feel on most songs is quite laid back, yet is more upfront in some parts, particularly in one song. Lyrics verge on the political, dealing with matters such as racism and economic inequality in a sarcastic way. Titles include “Kamara Reggae”; “Reclaiming Space” and “World Trade Blues”.

The songs are scheduled for release next year, when another batch of songs will be recorded.

My drum parts have been recorded, and in the coming days, the other instruments and vocals will be recorded. Dripht’s Fre (Blogger and MySpacer, too) will be recording the bass on one song, and other guest appearances are scheduled to take place!

The experience of recording drums in a professional studio is a great challenge. It is stressful yet fulfilling and acts as a reality check.. Your strengths and weaknesses as a musician are laid bare for all to see, in what serves as an exercise in realism and humility.

Working with David is of great pleasure. To begin with, the wonders of his modern technology have to be experienced to be believed. But, on a more personal level, he has this magic ability to keep one calm while getting the best of one’s abilities. He also comes up with some great ideas which enhance songs in a way which would have been previously been unthought of. His role in the production of Norm Rejection’s Malta Not For Sale’ (which we released in 2000 in the ‘0002’ album) is a case in point. He basically transformed the song from a raw and upbeat metal mosher (which is the way we play it in Dripht in our live shows) to a metal thud ala’ Rammstein, with effects and all. As a drummer, I learned various tricks of the trade from David.

David’s great influence is already being felt in the recording of the Peklectrick songs, and I expect more magic in the coming days.

In the meantime, Patrick and I are probably contenders for an entry in record books for the amount of microwavable rice we are consuming!

I really wish that Peklectrick plays live, but trying to convince Patrick is a tough nut to crack…. Anyway, cheers to Patrick for this wonderful project!


Toni Sant said...

This is very good new indeed!

Peklectrick said...

cheers for the comments. I see you got the spelling right! Recording is a tiring experience, particularly when you have to carry the bassman cabinet up the stairs, but am enjoying every minute of it. More news later on...

Cheers Mike. Ta' kollox.