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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Xtruppaw Hallelujah!

Yesterday was the day…. It finally arrived… Xtruppaw’s long awaited CD launch.

Xtruppaw, the band that has captured the imagination of many people due to the way they portray a kaleidoscope of Maltese socio-cultural realities and snapshots in a hilarious, explicit and at times sarcastic way - releasing anthemic songs such as Generazzjoni tal-Meqrudin and Malta which are destined to become all-time hits of Maltese alternative culture.

Xtruppaw are a really great band... Harmony, rhythm, melody, fun-factor, songwriting, concepts, etc... They have already established themselves as one of Malta's best bands, which already puts some pressure on them to keep up with the magic they have created so far. But I have no doubt that with all their talent, they shall keep releasing great stuff.

I have a special relationship with the Xtruppaw guys… I've been knowing them since my teens - basically all of us starting playing our respective instruments at the same time.. We used to meet near the swings in Sliema. Ha ha when I remember some of the funny adventures we had, I can’t stop laughing.

These were the times when Sean Vukovic, Wilfrid Pace and I were setting up the band that eventually became Norm Rejection... And Xtruppaw's Jeff, Dino, Rex and Marvin formed a band that came to be known as Victims of Creation - they released one song 'Lotions and Potions' in a local compilation by Storm Records.

The first (and only?) time that Victims played live was in Rock Cafe', and just like Xtruppaw yesterday, they rocked big time in front of a massive audience. History repeats itself!

Eventually, Sean, Xtruppaw's very own Rex and myself played together for 7 years in Filletti & Friends.

Back to yesterday's show....

Yesterday's concert at Luxol was a memorable experience for the Malta music scene.... Personally, I had a great time playing with Dripht. BNI (one of my favourite bands in Malta) were great too... like always... Really tight and powerful! The audience reacted really well for both us supporting bands.

But obviously, the main protagonists yesterday were Xtruppaw. It is more than evident that they really worked hard for this launch, and hats off to that !! In true theatrical style, the stage suddenly found itself behind a curtain (something unheard of in Maltese rock concerts). A sense of suspense was created, amidst the massive audience and the immense heat at Luxol bar.

Suddenly the curtains opened, and yes... there they were.. dressed up as astronauts in front of a backdrop with rocket and all! Xtruppaw had landed, with a Maltese flag in hand!

After 2 songs they took off their costumes (I can imagine how hot they were feeling) and proceeded with their set, with the participation of the audience, which seemed to know all the lyrics by heart! Apart from by-now classics such as Malta and Generazzjoni tal-Meqrudin, their single Diska Cool ghar-Radio other crowd-movers like Dlam Cappa u Riha ta' Hara, they also played new songs like Poni and even a cover of Lordi's Hard Rock Hallelujah. Styles varied from punk and country to ghana and ska ... and the crowd kept wanting more!

I guess we shall read quite alot about their show, so there's no need for me to give more details…. But may I invite you to Xtruppaw’s website at where you can hear some of their music. You can also read the posts of Peklectrik and Fre in their respective blogs ( go to and

Yesterday’s crowd was one of the largest I ever witnessed for a concert by Maltese bands. This really augurs well for the alternative / punk scene.

What can I say.. BUY XTRUPPAW'S CD!!!

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