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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Live in London

Dear Bloggisti,

My band Dripht shall be playing live London in July!

We shall be playing at the Garage (Upstairs) in Islington, London on the 9th July along with Mr.Happy Chainsaw, None the Tess, Pistola, Second Class Stamp, & Guns at the Disco.

Doors 3pm - 8pm, £6 advance.

This shall be our first overseas experience

In the meantime, we recently released out latest single, ‘Old Times Gone Astray’.

More info on Dripht at

We'd really like to thank Mario Morales, Active Travel and Victor Cassar
for helping make this gig possible.

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Michael Briguglio said...

We actually played its 2 gigs in London, i.e. at The Boston Arms with Slovak band EXTIP, Lay Out the Traps and Heroic Doses; and at
Upstairs at the Garage with None the Less, Second Class Stamp,
ScratchCard Junkies and Guns at the Disco.