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Friday, May 26, 2006

Save Nazanin!

Dear Bloggisti,

I received the news below and am passing it to you so that you can express your solidarity and send your appeals.

In Iran, a young woman of 18 is being setenced to death.When she was 17, her and her niece were spending time in a park with their boyfriends.When three men started harrassing them, their boyfriends fled leaving them alone. No one would help them despite their screams. The mentried to rape them so she took out a knife and stabbed them, one to death. Now she is sentenced to death by hanging. Iran has the largest number ofdeath sentences in the world, many of them given to young girls. The legal age to be put to death is 15 for boys and 9 for girls.

More information,news, sources is available here:


Write to the United Nations!

Write to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of your country!
Malta: ;

Write to the Iranian embassy in your country!

Also, please send the DRAFT LETTER BELOW to the following:

Leader of Islamic Republic His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed ' Ali KhameneiThe Office of the Supreme Leader, Soahada StreetQom, Islamic Republic of IranFax: + 98 251 7 774 2228(mark "FAO The Office of His Excellency,Ayatollah al Udhma Khamenei")Email: or

President His Excellency Dr Mahmoud AhmadinezhadThe Presidency, Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection, Tehran, IslamicRepublic of IranE-mail via website:

Head of Judiciary His Excellence Ayatollah Mahmood Hashemi ShahroudiMinistry of Justice, Park-e SahrTehranIslamic Republic of IranEmail: (Mark "Please forward to His Excellency Ayatollah Shahroudi)

Speaker of Parliament Gholamali Hadded AdelMajles-e Shoura-ye EslamiImam Khomeini Avenue,Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran Fax: +98 21 6 646 1746

Draft Letter:

Your Excellency,

I am writing because I am very concerned with what I read about Nazanin, whois due to receive the death penalty.

I would very much like you to send me details of Nazanin`s trial and thereasoning for using the death penalty.

I urge the Iranian authorities to commute the death sentence given toNazanin immediately.

I would like to stress that according to Nazanin`s testimony, the killing was unintentional and committed in self-defense to save her niece andherself.

Also, please remember that Iran is a signatory to the International Covenanton Civil and Political Rights, which states that "sentence of death shallnot be imposed for crimes committed by persons below eighteen years of age.I strongly appeal to the Iranian authorities to implement therecommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child,which called on Iran in January 2005 to "immediately suspend the executionof all death penalties imposed on persons for having committed a crimebefore the age of 18, and to abolish the death penalty as a sentence imposedon persons for having committed crimes before the age of 18, as required byarticle 37 of the Convention.

Yours truly,

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Erezija said...

I have sometimes sent such letters to protest about some atrocity or other... do they really work? does a world leader read e-mail petitions from nonentities across the world and reconsider decisions or laws? Somehow I doubt it. Please set me straight if I'm wrong....